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“Where students love to learn.”

Mohamed Rifath, Founder

Who We Are

Ceylon Qur’an Academy is and Online Academy that run and managed  by Bright Way Academy (Registered under Government Regulations) provides online Qur’an class services, which subjects are  specially designed to provide Qur’an lessons to children and adults who do not have an  Madrasah in their area or whose parents are not available or are unable to take them to Madrasa. Ceylon Qur’an Academy makes it easy and accessible for such children or adults to learn Quran recitation in Arabic (the language of the Qur’an) in the comfort of their own home through Skype & Zoom.

We have over 10 years of experience of teaching Quran. Many students have completed their Qur’an by us. We do our WORK with passion therefore the success rate of Learn Quran Online through our experienced teachers is amazing, because each student receives individual attention and learns at his or her own pace.

Meet Our Team

Ceylon Qur'an Academy

Rifadh Mahroof

Usthaz, Rifadh Mahroof

Hafizul Qur'an, Alim, Teaching All subjects
Fazlan Moulavi

Usthaz, Fazlan Qasim

Hafizul Qur'an, Alim, Dhourathul Hadheeth

Usthaz, Risadh Zubaidheen

Hafizul Qur'an, Alim, Dhourathul Hadheeth

Usthaz. M.M Yoosuf

Alim, Hafiz, Dawrathul Hadhees, Ijaza in Holy Quran

Usthaza Bushra

Hafila . In madrastul Barreera.

Usthaza Nuha

Alima : Madhrasathur Raihaniya

Usthaza Athika

Alima : Madhrasathur Raihaniya



Ash Sheikh Abdul Haliq Hazarath

Vice President of All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama
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Ceyqa Chat
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